Thursday, May 28, 2015


Well it looks like my ability to live at Orillia Lake this summer is going to be pretty much non-existent. Though I'm disappointed, I’m okay with it. You see, this time last year I was on a mission. One which was truly difficult to finish yet I’m glad I hung in there and stuck it out. What I know a year later is, that living at the cottage kept me extremely focused on what I was hell bent and fiercely determine to accomplish.

I suppose you could say that it’s the fulfillment of those accomplishments that have me hovering really close to home this summer; having said that, I have slowly realized that something is amiss. For varying reasons, I am struggling to fit in socially. I think after a solid year of being completely and totally anti-social, I’ve discovered I have turned into a bit of a loner. Could it be that my extroversion has moved inward? Like any belly button, could my outtie have done a total 180 in the last year and become an innie?

DOT chillaxin'... Alone in the rain
TAKEN: MAY 16th, 2015
I’m not kidding. My mind most easily justifies my conundrum by equating it to Dottie's behaviour with the other neighbouring dogs on the lake.

While five or six of them run the trail and shore for hours on end, Dot's usually off all by her lonely and extremely content. Now, granted, I’d usually be curled up with a book or movie, while she’s going tree trunk to tree trunk looking for squirrels, I think you get my point. We both find a solid comfort in being alone.

In 2013, 95% of my time was spent face to face with other people. In 2014, 95% of my time was spent alone with a couple of computers and a couple of dogs. Reflections aside, I'm confident that 2015 will somehow be a balance of both years previous. As you know, I've added another pup to the brood, so I'm thinking I may need to seek some outside council on my re-entry into the real world.

First and foremost I suspect it should be from someone that lives for words other than stick, boat, treat & squirrel. Oh, and I'm thinking I may also need a makeover.

Simply because those girlz have been barking some pretty radical hair tips at me lately!