Saturday, March 14, 2015


GOOB and his Momma!
The picture I am sharing today was taken Thanksgiving Sunday in 2011. Goob was home from school for the weekend and I realized (after the fact) that his being away was affecting me more than I was willing to admit. 

Though his twin sister was home every weekend, as an 'official empty nester' I could feel myself unraveling. I can only describe what I was going through as a full blown identity crisis.

So, in an effort to combat the darkness of the process that surrounded me, I started this silly little blog. That was 475 posts ago, with this offering being number 476. That said, the heart of my angst is that I haven’t written in 18 days, which is the longest stretch I have ever gone. I don't think I'm blocked but I do believe I am stuck.

You see, in the last few months, I’ve been taken advantage of, been lied to, and just plain used for an others personal gain. Lately, no matter how many times I look at my keyboard, I just can't find a stitch of humour in any of it. Frankly, it’s all just plain sad. Heartbreaking actually.

As a result, I have to ask myself; what do I do with this silly little outlet I used to use to ensure that my glass half empty didn’t win? Truth is, I’m not sure. I guess the even bigger question is…. Could this be the end of the blogging road for me?

I hope not, as it’s a hobby I enjoy. Though I do feel lately that I am lost in the forest, I realize that I'll have to dig really deep in hopes of finding my way. Here's hoping while wandering about I find and whimsically discover a great group of pine trees, that can show me my way; whilst joining me in solid kick ass rendition of 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon'.

After all, they have to be just as pissed at that old Oak tree, as I am at the gaggle of varying peeps that hoodwinked me, right?