Monday, February 2, 2015


I remember one holiday season, when I was probably about twelve, the childless couple across the street gifted each other a new refrigerator for Christmas. I also remember it being one of the most memorable Christmas holidays for the kids that lived on our street. You see, when Barb put the box at the end of their driveway on garbage day, I knocked on the door and asked if we could have it. Once opened and flattened, it was the best kickass toboggan (that easily seated twelve) EVER!

My point has nothing to do with the silly dialogue happening around the Province about the banning of tobogganing, rather it’s more about the one Christmas vacation when all the kids on our street played more with the box at the end of the drive instead of the toys gifted. Coincidentally, expected behaviour vs. reality at hand is something I am currently going though on the canine front.

Annie arrived to us in a very unconventional and unexpected sense. Because this wasn't going to be my first dog rodeo, she settled nicely into everything she may possibly need. Early on, she began to show symptoms of a mild case of OCD. At any given moment I would find a half dozen shoes at my feet. She wouldn't chew them, just carry them around and eventually deliver them. Then, she became obsessed with the toilet brush in the downstairs bathroom, that just happens to be adjacent to my home office.

Annie's a cute as a button. (With a splash of OCD for entertainment purposes!)
TAKEN: JANUARY 29th, 2015
Over and over again she’d bring it to me, I’d return it. She’d bring it, I’d take it and return it to it's proper place. 

Finally, after two days of being a tad exasperated, I went the The Dollar Store and fetched her a brush she could call her own. Six weeks later, for hours at a time, she carries that thing around like it’s her pride a joy. Just like my cardboard 'frigerator box all those years ago, she’s found an unexpected, albeit simple source of entertainment. 

Those that know me. know that I really do have a bit of a potty mouth. Good news is that I no longer need to carry around a brush and a bar of soap to keep things clean! 

Effective immediately... That's officially Annie's job!!