Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Right after returning from my holiday and just before Christmas, I made a couple of pretty significant adjustments. Knowing it was going to be a long winter, I made the effort to reflect on what was working for me and what was not. You see, I had finally decided to purge the biggest bullshit items from my life; realigning my positive energy and kicking the negative garbage to the curb. 

The process that followed wasn't unlike cleaning out your garage. Hard decisions had to be made with regards to what was going to be entitled to stay and what definitely had to go. Envision yourself standing among a bunch of generally cherished clutter, having to make hard choices. Do you select your favourite rubber boots that now have holes in the soles or your favourite tennis rackets (which no longer has strings, not to mention you no longer play the sport). That said, once I had resigned myself to my choices I felt relief. That was more than two months ago.

Well, low and behold, night before last, I get a text message from the oldest and most comfortable pair of rubber boots that I'd kicked to the curb. Suffice is to say, all of those hurt feelings came rushing back, only to have the ones telling me that I had made the right decision take charge. Suffice is to say, I don't believe our paths will cross ever again. Sad but true, I have no desire to feed that expired parking meter; and Lord knows they'll never make the effort.

Quirky sent me a tobogganing video...
Holy Snow in NASHVILLE Batman!
Just like those once new pair of boots, over the years, I have been fortunate enough to meet people across the country and into the US. They easily found a window into my life but change in circumstance usually represented a change to our 'frenergy'.

Then, there's my Quirky Sidekick. He and I have created something (that I believe) few could ever replicate. What is the key? We feel the other is worth the effort. 

Let's face it, maintaining a true friendship as your life evolves and you change as a person is really hard work. I've tried to hold together certain friendships but it seems it's only the quirkest one of all that has truly made it.

I suppose it is because it's natural, truly unforced and most certainly... unconditional.

It's as simple as that!