Sunday, January 4, 2015


While perusing my social media outlets over the holidays, I came across a post. A post, that almost a week later, still stands out. There wasn't a graphic but the overall message was very simple. In 2015 ask someone to take your picture. Put yourself out there! 

ANNIE n' ME in the driveway!
(Photo Credit? NOT ME!)
TAKEN: JANUARY 2nd, 2015
Though the context is about taking selfies, the last thought has burrowed itself my cranium. After much reflection, I realize that I had so much to accomplish in 2014, that I’ve truly isolated myself of who I really am; a full blown extrovert. 

With that admission on the table, you'll be equally surprised to learn that in the past thirteen months (electronic friends excluded) I have spent 90% of my time either alone or with family/pups. Don't get me wrong, I've built something truly amazing but this holiday season made me realize that I've been missing interacting face to face with others for far too long. It's time to 'put myself out there'.

I'm not afraid of what the upcoming year will bring. I enjoy meeting new people, as well as establishing new Business associates. As an extrovert, both come quite naturally. With my lessons learned file folders in tow, I know I'll need to be very careful and extremely selective in whom I trust. With my mind made up, I am hopeful.

As we all know from experience, when any of us sustain any big change, friends and inner circles ultimately shift. Which always bring us back to those handful of people that were meant to be in our lives forever.  For which, I will always be both respectful & grateful.

It's their unconditional belief in me that gives me this strength to continue to build. They know who they are, so I'd like to thank them.

Thank you, for simply being 'YOU'... And loving me, for simply being 'ME'.