Thursday, September 4, 2014

...She SUITED UP One Last Time!

What a beautiful day today turned out to be. Hell, with only sixteen days left of the season, both yesterday and today were a couple of much needed compensating days for the lackluster 2014 summer record books.

My weather celebration started yesterday by spending my lunch hour on the dock and in the sun. Then, when Timmy buzzed me at 2pm today (and I hadn't stopped) I decided to round up the pups & take them on my very favourite outing.

The land you see in the distance marks our 1/2 way point.
Taken: September 4th, 2014
While peddling about the Lake a few summers ago, I stumbled across a piece of vacant land. Actually, it was its small beach that caught my eye. 

Always looking to extend my daily intake of UV rays, I decided to snoop. Turned out it’s a piece of Crown Land that I suspect very few realized was there.

Normally, it's usually a pretty quick trip. Yet, today the sun was so hot, that I had to stop halfway and cool off the dogs. (Boy, they may not be able to speak but they can sure make themselves understood: especially Dot...) With both of them refreshed and watered we continued on our trek. 

It really is a little piece of a Shangri-La. In the very centre of this plot of land there is a large spot cleared that gets nothing but direct sun. Today I let the girlz enjoy themselves while I spend an hour in the sun basking on my very favourite blanket and in my very favourite suit. 

There’s a really cool rope swing there that we enjoy too… But THAT’s another post!