Friday, August 15, 2014

Any Great Day Offers Perspective

Have you ever had a day that went from FUNK to FAB without warning?

Well, when I rolled out of bed this morning, I was completely and unequivocally indifferent to my day ahead. I knew I had a number of things to check off my ‘list of things to do’ but was bummed that the weather was still crap. In protest, I waited to stoke the woodstove, then pouted as I almost instantly gave in. Whatever, it was freakin’ cold!

See what I mean? FUNK. 

Then, piece by piece, everything effortlessly came together. Grumpy and cold, I checked my phone to find a text from B. He normally doesn't text so that (and his positive bang on the spot message) instantly made me smile. 

...a perfect Orillia Lake sunset captioned by yours truly!
Taken: July 18th, 2014
Shortly thereafter, I was awarded a meeting. One that I'd been asking for since the 2013 Fall Cottage Life Show. 

All of a sudden, my phone went wild and my giving into the woodstove didn't matter so much.

Then, the truly and very unexpected happened.

Knowing I was in a funk not fab mood, a business associate (on his way north) wanted to see me. No if, and, or buts.

They confirmed that they'd grab us some lunch in Gravenhurst, then progress to meet up at my cottage. Problem was, I’d never made the offer to meet them there before. They’d need directions. I was nervous.

Just so we’re clear. My idea of cottaging and a person that has a vehicle that costs more than 4x’s the original purchase price of this gem of a property, can never really align. Hell, this is one step up from camping. I’d always thought that... Until today.

Today proved that you can never know what another is really thinking. Not only did they bring the sunshine down the hill with them... They came with bells on, toting our very yummy lunch!

The moral of my story is to never discount any day. Those weather laden days you may deem as crap, may very well turn out to be amazing. Look at me today. My advice? Wake up every single day wanting and willing to be FAB...


(...and stop over thinking. That was lunch advice. Point taken.)