Sunday, November 25, 2012

Note To Self: Bring Sunglasses Baby!

I worked yesterday morning. When I finished, I headed into town. There were people everywhere. I could tell by the chatter of dialogue around me that most were focused on their holiday shopping. Truth? I am completely over the moon ecstatic that I don’t have to do any Christmas shopping this year. Well, that’s not entirely true; there are two very special young ones I'll shop for but that’s about it.

I guess I should start by saying that when I was first married I tried to be the consummate holiday hostess. I’ll be honest, I quickly tired being the one doing all the work, not the mention the one that incurred the boatload of expense. By the time the kids started school, I began dreading the planning involved in trying to get everyone together. Wanting to break the cycle, I came up with an idea, and discussed it with my husband. 

We had been travelling to South Carolina as a family from the time the twins were ten months old. I figured with all the money we spent "entertaining and gifting" if I budgeted properly, Christmas would be a wash and we'd get a great family vacation out of the deal. On a lark (over wine one Saturday night mid September); we asked Nana Ann, Poppa Peter and Auntie Andrea Glazier if they would entertain going south for the holidays. They said yes and the rest was history.

I could have gotten 5K for his Tickle Me Elmo that Christmas...
GOOB's face the moment he saw it? PRICELESS !!!
Taken December 25th, 1997 
Because of the kids age, we'd stay overnight just above Washington DC.

Once we arrived, I put up a small tree on the TV, then hung Christmas lights out on the balcony. Best part was how bright the sun was on Xmas morn. We all wore our sunglasses to watch the kids open their gifts.

From the very beginning we made a personal choice as parents to instill in our children that Christmas was never about the "stuff". Instead we taught them that the holiday season was about our being together. That said, we won't all be together for the very first time this Christmas.

I am glad the twins have decided to make the road trip just the same. With Dave on the Nintendo DS, I know we'll have a blast playing Family Feud. Not to mention singing aloud to Bob and Doug's rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas. I know we will have a fantastic time because at least we'll be together.

What's going to be the real fun? Trekking 1600 kilometres with young Puddin' and the Dot along for the pet friendly ride. Lord help us! Oh, and pass the cranberries.