Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thank You for Being My Friend

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to personal crisis you always have that core group of friends that come to your aid? You know; those select few that hear something in your voice or see the fret in your eyes? It’s hard to describe with text but I think you catch my drift.

July 2009 - Great Night!
Life (and business in general) this time of year is borderline psychotic. Success is had if you're “busy making hay while the sun shines" and let me tell ya, the UV rays have been Africa hot since March. 

The downside? My best friend works in the same market I do. We both need to make enough cash to stuff that hypothetical duvet cover ensuring we stay warm for the winter!

They say very few friends stay with you through the long haul. She's one of my four. 

We were business associates initially but our bond grew quickly. Seriously, I would help some people move, but I would absolutely and unconditionally help her move a body.  

She has wiped my tears many a time; tears because we laughed so hard we cried, as well as tears from my sobbing so hard, all she could do was cry alongside me. Funny how journeys and friendships go. Perhaps our bond is so solid because our individual journeys happened a decade apart.

It’s not been a great week. After all of her efforts to reach me (and lack of results) she knew something was up. We spoke today for the first time this week, she asked three times if I was OK, then she put an action plan in place. Kindred spirits we are she and I. She is irreplaceable and I love her very much. 

That said, for both our sake, I am officially calling the HENs to order. It's going to be loud but nothing we can't handle. Heads are gonna roll!