Sunday, October 29, 2023


The Oreo Gang making sure my husband is disconnecting the water intake properly.
(Miya Maria on the rock, Katie Lulu on the step, and Annie Bannanie on the hill)
TAKEN: OCTOBER 29th, 2023

Over the years, more often than not, we head into the cottage for the last Saturday in October so I can carve a pumpkin. Then, the following morning, we pack everything up and close it down for the season.

For me, this year in particular, was like no other at the cottage to date. I worked from my upstairs office space four days a week,  and usually in my bathing suit. Though my workload was grueling and my days were long, there is something to be said for looking out from your desk seeing the water.

As you know, this was our wee Katie's first year at Orillia Lake, and she embraced everyday like it would be her last. Saying that she loves absolutely everything about cottage life would be an understatement. 

Miya, though still a pup herself, simply couldn't keep up with KT's high energy zoomies. Annie, now a sexy senior in her own right, stayed at my feet the majority of the season, with the odd burst of puppy like behaviour shining through about once a week; it was perfect.

As far as upkeep goes, each year we tend to alternate from interior upgrades, to exterior elbow grease. This past season, a lot of our focus was spent outside. 

We had wanted to replace all main floor flooring this year, but a milestone anniversary had us take a last minute trip to Jamaica in June to celebrate. I love how we mutually decided, with a 'let's go for it' for good measure, that my saved flooring dollars would more than pay for our unexpected excursion nicely.

That said, though I know I will get my new floors next spring, a bush hog for the exterior is definitely a must have as well. Every second 'working the lands' year arrives with such optimism. We always have such a positive outlook on the clearing, hauling and burning brush at the cottage property from hell.

This year, we finally came to the terms that we aren't in our 30's anymore - and we are definitely Stihl in need of extra help, as no one ever offers. (Get that? Stihl, I mean still!)

Anyway, as an aside, as a woman in construction in Muskoka I can't stress enough how hard it is to find good ticketed trades to service the home and cottage industry here. 

Closing our cottage gives me hope we may have reprieve on the horizon. As you can see from my Sunday morning pic, we officially have three new furry plumbing apprentices.

All wanting wanting to help with the task of turning off the water for the season.


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