Sunday, July 9, 2023


When I moved to the cottage last week, I brought along items that could keep me occupied without an internet connection. Books I haven’t read, puzzles I haven’t done, recipes I haven’t made, and the Super Nintendo Classic that Jukebox lent me years ago.

Now, I should share that I am in no way a video ‘gamer’. 

The controller may be smaller but the level of frustration is not!
TAKEN: JULY 8th, 2023

Even though the mini knockoff (of the original full-size console we owned in the early 2000’s) is preloaded with twenty-one games, I have only ever played one - Super Mario World. Believe it or not, playing it holds some great memories for me.

You see, when Jukebox (who IS a gamer) first started playing as a tween, this is the one game we always played together. So, with my chores done and my husband on the couch with a bum ankle, I decided to take a step back in time. Using a smart TV that doubles as my second computer screen, I fired up this bad boy.

When the music came on I was immediately taken back to sitting on the floor in front of our old 20” coloured TV on Toronto Street. He and I in our jammies, on Saturday morn, where and when we always had fun.

Back then, when I struggled with the lower levels my son would sense my frustration and step in and help me move forward by completing the level, as he was worked toward beating the entire game; which he did multiple times before the system was sent to pasture.

Like I always say, you can’t stop change only manage it. More than twenty years later, when I struggled to remember how to access the secret worlds (back then I had my son) I discovered a had a new copilot to help me through: Google.

That said, playing this little gizmo sends the same message decades later confirming my efforts are consistent and equal from playing on Saturday mornings all those years ago... 

I STILL and always will suck at playing video games!

Important Notable: 

Though every five deaths Mario tells me my game is over, I am not going to give up. 

It might take me all summer to get through the first level but my glass half full will be very pleased it didn't take me until Thanksgiving. #yagottalaughaboutit

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