Saturday, December 10, 2022


Hoping to repeat this vibe during our week off over the 2022 holiday break.
TAKEN: DECEMBER 28th, 2014

We loaded up the pups and trekked into the cottage this morning. 

It felt like a clear crisp day in late October, rather than the below zero temps you would expect this time of year. Though I always love walking the property, in this instance I had a list of items I wanted to get down the hill before we (hopefully) venture in for the last week of 2022. 

A more powerful heater, an extra tank of propane, a couple of jigsaw puzzles I have yet to tackle, extra fuzzy socks and such all made the journey. Best of all, the dozen or so ‘new to me’ DVD’s we have yet to experience; that I scored at the Habitat store for a buck. 

I should share, it's not like we are heading into Siberia. Fully winterized, even without electric baseboard heaters, we can do well below freezing very comfortably. 

The key to 'closed cottage' enjoyment is to barrier off the lower sleeping quarters (the windows are blocked by the upper level decks and get no UV help) so our woodstove can keep the main living area and our second floor toasty.  

As I look to my two week break I am sure everything will be fine. Simply because I can't believe how much my life has changed in the last year. 

I've gone to another amazing level career wise, had several unexpected life changing experiences, yet suffered such heartbreak that I am not sure how I got out of bed in the morning... The key is I did!

All of that said, here's the deal. Though I hope I will enjoy a holiday bonfire at my cottage at the end of December, if I don't, it won't matter. 

...Because I will just have an killer one, that is illegal non-complaint, at the house in town!


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