Sunday, July 3, 2016


Friday started like any other summer long weekend in Muskoka, with the downtown crammed by transient traffic. Great for our local economy, crappy for yours truly. As luck would have it, I didn't have a chance to get everything I needed to land at the cottage and stay until it was time to head back to work Monday morning. So, like all other cottagers do when it rains, I loaded my ass into the car and headed into town to shop.

Fighting the masses seemed worse than I remember. The more it rained, the busier it got. No surprise there, just forgot how many people really flock to town when there's nothing else to do at the cottage. As I said, I wasn't surprised by the weather, more disappointment. I had planned on staying to do the yard work at the house, then take my daughter out for dinner, and tag along with her to the fireworks display. As my lack of luck would have it, by mid afternoon, I hiked it back out to the lake in the rain, climbed into the downstairs bed, and took a nap.

Selfie on the upstairs deck in the pouring rain!
TAKEN: JULY 1st, 2016
I don't know about you, but Canada Day has always been a really big thing for me. So much to be grateful for and an occasion we really do embrace as a country.

As this year would have it, none of the littluns decided to venture out to Orillia Lake but that made no matter to me. As tradition served, I still got my riggin' on, as if they would have come out.

The my other wee smidge of sorrow this year?  Not only did I miss the fireworks with Staccs & the kids decided to stay in town. I discovered that I regretted purchasing the funky flag sunglasses perched at top my melon in my pic. In hindsight, I should have grabbed that neat unbrealla hat made out of a Canadain flag.  That way, my hair and makeup would have been protected from the down pour of celebratory elements.

Either way, overall, I had a really great day.

Happy 149th  Birthd'eh Canada.