Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Spit polished, loaded up, and ready to GO!
TAKEN: APRIL 16th, 2016

The weekend before last I did what any avid golfer does in the spring, I hauled my babies out of the laundry room, took their protective gear off and gave them an exclusive spa treatment. What can I say, I love this time of year. For me, it tells me to put away my snowshoes, gather with friends, hit the snot out of a little ball & swear a lot. I'm kidding; I really only ever swear a little!

I'm not a great golfer but I love to golf. The sad truth is that I never got in a single round last year. It was a very transitional spring for me and I lived at the cottage all summer. I find I'm in a different mind space when I live at the cottage full time. My chair on the dock rides shotgun and my golf clubs tend to occupy the backseat. Well, with me working full time again, I am excited to get back to my Friday night ritual of walking 9 holes. Not only because it helps me decompress from the week I've had, walking gives me the much needed workout I crave from having a desk job.

I understand the sport isn't for everyone. It's usually something you either love or hate. I was asked by an engineer at work the other day why I'm so drawn into the sport and I think he was surprised at my response. "Golf is one the rare sports in which you truly compete against yourself," I said.

"When I run into someone that cheats at golf," I continued... "I know I've met someone that doesn't hold themselves accountable but more importantly, they're not being honest with themselves about their surroundings."

Some would say those words seem full of wisdom. Guess it depends how you play golf.

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