Monday, January 11, 2016


I had a former co-worker message me on Facebook over the holidays to confirm that I was in fact as big a Toronto Raptors fan as I've alluded to on my Twitter feed. My answer was a simple… “HELL, YA!”

As the kick-ass a fan I am, I was fortunate enough to get gifted tickets to a game over the holidays. At the last minute, I offered my box ticket to my oldest boy, because he'd never experienced a Raps game live. Not one to ever miss out, I immediately went online and bought myself a 9th row end zone onesie ticket on game day. 

That evening, as my husband and son landed in the executive suite, they both sent a text to try and locate me in the sold out crowd. In an effort to get on the jumbo-tron, I had about a half dozen people around me, stand and wave their arms along side me so they could see us. It was with really tired arms I had to finally phone my man with a very important tidbit of information. “You’re looking in the wrong end zone...” was what we yelled.

Short story long, watching all the action, the HBSC Bank offered my husband a 3rd ticket so that I could join my boys. We had a blast!

Had a blast with Jukebox... and the RAPS won!
TAKEN: DECEMBER 30th, 2015

Shortly after that, I began to seriously plan my April jaunt. I knew I didn’t want another resort vacation, so after my buddy Heather had such an amazing solo road trip at Christmas, I decided to look at a map. My map had one focus: the Raps schedule on the road.

I quickly discovered that my team had games less than a week apart, playing in three of the cities I wanted to visit. My girlfriend and her husband confessed they may be travelling, so that took San Antonio (Spurs) out of the mix. Yet, I hit the mother load with New Orleans (Pelicans) and Memphis (Grizzlies)... with me heading into Nashville for a couple of days and flying home from there.

My only true hurdle at this juncture's wrapping my head around our poor Canadian dollar. I can pay for my flights and car in Canadian dollars but after that, I am going to be at the mercy of dear ole George Washington. As of today, it will painfully cost me more that a buck forty-two to purchase one American dollar. Not gonna lie, when I finished my cost analysis, that was the hardest thing to personally justify.

I love the Raps, I really do. I miss my friends and I truly want to see them both. At the end of the day, it's turning out to be about a couple of men outside Darin & Twos. Truth is, it's looking like William McKinley & James Madison will be my deciding factors. No matter how much I feel I am worth it, this is turning out to be a very large investment for a mere 10 days on the road with the Raps.

I guess it could be worse. I could be thinking of buying a 4th dog... On second thought, maybe a $5,000 basketball themed road trip may not be such a bad idea after all.

What? ...You didn't think I'd be sitting in the nose bleed seats did ya?!