Saturday, December 5, 2015


I’ve been lucky enough over my lifetime thus far, to have had a plethora of travel experiences. I have seen my homeland coast to coast; rented beachfront homes, high rise condos, as well as embraced some amazing resort living. All have offered great memories, so I really don’t rank one above the other on my preference scale. The way I see it, all have happened for a reason, at a certain point and time in my life.

When I started seriously looking at Cobo San Lucas as a resort destination, even my travel agent warned me that there was no swimming in the Sea of Cortez because of the undertow. Once I landed on the bus to the resort late last Sunday night, that specific point was once again reiterated. 

Do YOU always do what you're told?!
“DO NOT swim in front of the resort, unless you want to end up in Mazatlan," they said.

“DO NOT buy any silver on the beach, unless you want to give it to someone that you really don’t like” was the next point.

And, "NEVER go into Town when the cruise ships are in Port”... was definitely the loudest warning of all!

I don't know about you, but as a grown adult I've never done anything I don't want to do. I didn't buy any silver simply because someone told me not to, I didn't buy any silver because I didn't have a need, nor a desire to do so.

As far as swimming goes, there are flags everywhere and watching the tide is definitely a key. That said, some of the stuff I have seen this week is mind boggling - so the warning truly has a place. Also, though I say that never is not in my vocabulary, when I traveled to Lands End to dip my toes in the Pacific for the very first time, it took all I had to keep my footing in place and NOT end up in Mazatlan!!

That leaves me with the cruise ships. How they navigate the bay is truly something to see. The people head off the ship for the same reason that I walked into town. To embrace the culture and beauty that surrounds them. I guess I just feel blessed to have stayed 7 days, where they got to stayed a mire 7 hours!

At the end of the day.... I'll never say, that I'll never return again!!