Sunday, November 1, 2015


Well, Mother Nature was kind enough to allow me to spend yet another Saturday night at the cottage. I’d had a pretty busy and emotional week, so I was both grateful and excited that with everything I had on the go, things didn’t freeze.

I was going to go in yesterday morning and just shut off the water but the forecast called for a mild rain mid-afternoon so I decided to head in with the intent that I’d be hunkered down inside rather than closing it down. Going in with a plan to keep me busy, I knew there was a kick ass jigsaw puzzle I wanted to sink my teeth into but when I was in the grocery store I decided that the pups and I would carve a pumpkin.

As you can imagine, leaving it so late, my selection was limited. Compounding that, I didn't want to hall a thirty pounder down my 55 stairs, so there was really only one option left. As I picked her up and loaded the bit of a thing into my cart, I was excited about my night before November investment of exactly $1.50.

I hadn't carved a pumpkin for Halloween since 2009... I really did enjoy doing it again.
TAKEN: OCTOBER 31st, 2015

I’ve never spent Halloween night at the cottage before. I wasn’t scared, rather more excited that I could still venture in and be cozy. The wind and rain howled and woke me in the early hours of the morn but I just popped in a movie and waited out the storm.

As I do every year, I hate the thought of closing it. Not because I don’t have other activities to keep me busy but because I feel a real sense of peace when I’m there. So, as I promised myself, I got up this morning and drained the hot water tank, drained the water pump, put plumber's antifreeze in the traps and hauled the intake pipes out of the lake. 

I'm not saying I won't return before the year is over, just resigned myself to the fact that as of last night, the 2016 cottage season is officially over.

For those of you that truly know me, you know I did it kicking and definitely screaming!