Sunday, September 6, 2015


I don’t know about you but I always find the best times happen when there’s no planning involved whatsoever. As someone that over analyzes everything, I’m pleased to report that yesterday proved my silly little theory to a tee.

As the proverbial ‘old gray mare’ I’m pretty routinized. I’m serious. I had a friend that use to come into my home and move things around to see how long it would take me to put them back where I felt they belonged. Anyway, when I got a last minute message that my very favourite Architect was coming into Muskoka from New Orleans this weekend, I sprang out of my routine and had to say only four words to my husband; “I need a favour!”

With my man covering off our long weekend chores, as well as my thinking cap firmly attached, I needed to quickly hatch a plan to show them around. So many ideas and so little time. Do I have JJ tour us in his Porsche? Do I ask Paul to take us out in his fastest boat? At the end of the day, even with all of my connections, such little notice had me singing solo. So, I decided to do a couple of things with them that I have never done before. In turn, I officially became a tourist, which is something I swore I’d never do.

Darin, Me & T, rockin' Port Carling!

You see, when you live in Muskoka, you generally hide on the weekends, as small hamlets turn into bustling cities. Hell, I swear we circled a parking lot a dozen times to find a spot. Partially because Darin wouldn’t illegally park but mostly because it was jammed like a can of sardines. I honestly had no idea the volume of people that landed in such a small space on a Saturday afternoon. Better yet, that I would concede and be one of them!

As Darin and I paid for our new hats, the clerk asked me if I had found everything I was looking for. My response was swift and a matter a fact, “I wasn’t looking for anything”, I said. “...The fact that I found this very sexy hat is definitely an added bonus!”

Though our visit was short and generally lackluster, I am writing this morning feeling blessed. Blessed that I got to finally meet someone that I never thought I’d get to hug face to face and blessed that I got to meet (and hug) the newest member of his team.

As I plan my 12 month vacation schedule, Darin tells me that New Orleans just has to be on it. After yesterday, I couldn’t agree more.