Sunday, July 19, 2015


My husband celebrated his 29th birthday last Friday. Because the 29th is a bit of a milestone, the kids and I took a cake and some balloons into his work to share with his office coworkers. Waiting for him to return, one of his newer team members that hadn’t met me before asked: “Are you the wife?”

My reply was quick and convincing. “Nope, I’m the girlfriend” I said. “Please don’t tell his wife” I continued; “Everyone else in town knows but I’m told she’s not a hair too bright!” Those within earshot burst into laughter.

After our delicious cake celebration was over, we scooped him up and headed home for the second part of his celebration. You see, when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday his request was a simple one. He wanted his boys to make him dinner. So, with a 7pm reservation, we headed to 155 in downtown Bracebridge.

(l-r) Jukebox, Birthday Boy, Goob & Sweetie.
TAKEN: JULY 17th, 2015
If you've never eaten there, GO (and I'm not just saying that because I'm their Mom)!!

Goob has been with Chef Michael Ricard since returning to Muskoka from the GTA after his post George Brown stint at Actinolite.  

This time last year, Jukebox was honing his mad skills in kitchen at the Griffin Pub, and made the formal move to work with Goob about a month ago. I’m glad they’re together. They have always been close as siblings, so this naturally works for them. Anyway, after our beautifully presented and very rub-a-tummy-yummy meal had been consumed, the boys came out of the kitchen to hug their dad and wish him a happy birthday. Of course as a proud mama bear I had to capture the moment. 

You see, even though we all live in the same sleepy little town, there are still logistical challenges to all of us getting together.  So when we do, my camera is never far away. They raz my intentions innocently but they know capturing moments like this very special one is something I have always done. 

Look at my crew, just look at them. Am I lucky or what? Maybe luck is the wrong word. I think I'll recant and go with blessed. Yes, I definitely feel blessed, 

Afterall, I married my best friend who just happens to be an Africa HOT 29 year old!!