Sunday, November 2, 2014


Well, as you know, the clocks fell back this morning. So to be proactive, before I went to bed last night I walked around the house and changed them all. I didn't want to wake up to any surprises. As you know, I hate surprises but turning the clocks back is also a chore I dread. It's like Groundhog Day for me except there isn't a 50/50 outcome option. There WILL be six more weeks of darkness!

What a magnificent day to say... "That's a wrap". CHEERS!
When I woke for the day it was game on. Made the coffee, lovingly sipped it, read my email, got myself dressed and we ventured to the cottage. Yes-sir-ree Bob-a-roonie... Today was cottage closing day!

Funny when you've been doing something so long it seems effortless. The only chore added to my list this year was disassembling the additional outdoor shower walls that had to be erected (no pun intended) to block out my creepy neighbour. As the power tool queen, I was on that task like white on rice!

The other nice thing was because I'd lived there until Thanksgiving, everything was much more organized. So much so that we shaved a half an hour off our fastest closing record. The only sad part about completing the task at hand quicker than expected was that we had to leave this glorious day behind. 

Feeling completely and totally gypped of another night in my favourite place, I have to admit that this will be my very last 2014 post from the cottage.

That is unless.... I get what I want for Christmas... Stay tuned!