Monday, October 6, 2014


Next weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving. With impending travel on my horizon, I had to be practical about an end date to my ‘co-operative cottage placement’. So, when I landed back here mid-afternoon last Saturday, I knew this had to be my final stint for 2014.

For whatever reason, today has felt a little eerie here.  The wind’s howling, and for the very first time this season, I sense that I am truly alone. As silly as this may read, I’m sure the dogs are sensing something too.

The view from my computer at 2:30pm today...
TAKEN: October 6th, 2014

I don’t care. I may be a little frazzled around the edges but I’m glad I am seeing my plan through. When I told my husband I was heading back in for another ten days, he wasn't near as enthusiastic as yours truly. Don’t misunderstand, he’s a 1000% supportive but he really doesn't love it here as much as I do.

Case in point, last week after my post about my former co-worker leaving the country and starting over, I had somebody forward me a clip art whooze-a-ma-whats-it that I shared with my husband. It read ‘…travel far enough, to meet yourself.'

My husband, like me, agrees that it isn't about the distance traveled, nor the number of stamps in your Passport  that defines your journey. It's your investment in yourself linked to the one that has your heart. Hell, look at me. I personally traveled a total of fifteen kilometers and accomplished the most amazing self-discovery imaginable!

What can I say? I believe that the only way to experience change is to seek it. The next important notable is that once you seek it you can’t stop it. You can only manage it.

...To the best of your personal ability!