Friday, January 24, 2014

This -40C Frenzy Is Not My Friend

I swear, last night I had the best night's sleep I've had since Christmas break. I finally awoke grateful that my early morning hot flash let me sleep in until 6 am. I may have been drenched from head to toe but I was rested. Rested, energized and ready to kick ass, until the unexpected happened.

Overheated like a dud radiator that just blew on a 1971 Ford, when I opened the front door for the pups to do their business, it felt like a thin layer of ice instantly covered my entire perimenopausal body. A severe bout of profanity immediately filled the entranceway thanks to yours truly.

After my teeth finished chattering, I got the pups back into the house and a cookie into their gullet. I quickly grabbed my phone off the charger, changed my jammies, then climbed back into bed. Wide awake I fast tracked a really shitty movie until I rose and put on my indoor snowmobile gear. Bummed by the cold, just before 8 am, I officially greeted my day.

Morning (no ice) room service coffee in Jamaica.
Taken: February 2012
Damn you -40C!

This morning was the fourth morning this week that my hot coffee instantly turned cold when it hit my mug.

As I rubbed my hands together in the kitchen this morn waiting for my coffee to percolate, I couldn't help but daydream about my upcoming trip to Jamaica. The warmth of the sun and the room service coffee too hot to drink.

By the time I sat at my desk, I was racking my brain trying to remember the last time I was this stir crazy from a case of deep freeze cabin fever. All of a sudden my phone buzzed and it was my boss. He immediately admitted the same frustration. Even worse, when he arrived at the office first thing this morning the heat wasn't working.

We're a pretty fiercely results driven team. But, as the super human workaholic he knows he is, I did see a glimpse of him being quasi-normal this morning. It was when I received a simple three work text message after we ended our call.

I'm thinking Mexico... was all he wrote.