Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Jamaica Mon!

It is officially official! We are heading back to Jamaica. Wanna know the best part? Our plane is scheduled to land 15 minutes ahead of our American friends we are travelling with. All I could process this afternoon was that this trip was meant to be...

I have mixed emotions about returning to the island. Tony and I knew we'd eventually return, but I never imagined it would happen this fast. We'd discussed other destinations: yet, the only travel prerequisite my husband had, was that we take a trip on our own. I understand why but I truly struggled with leaving the dogs.  They really have become an extension of us as a couple.

Dog whispering aside, I need a break. The hardest part for me to comprehend? That my break will be like 154 million sleeps away. I know I'll have time at Christmas but it’s not the same. I guess deep down inside, that was the real choice; forfeit the house on the ocean for two weeks at Christmas, and enjoy one week in the Caribbean in the winter.

Why do I fret so much about the logistics? It’s NOT because everything old is new again, it's not. I think it's part and parcel because we are going to spend (what I consider to be) an obscene amount of savings to offer me the ability to read and read and read.

Shoes are NOT allowed in Jamaica!
Riu Tropical Palace
Negril, Jamaica
Taken: March 3rh, 2012
It's no joke. When we travel, Tony completely morphs into the extrovert and me the introvert. He tends to go go go until he drops, and I am just totally comfortable to relax and watch. 

Just like me normally, he talks to anyone & everyone. Myself? I admit I am more selective about idle chit chat: probably because I am not being paid to do it.

Seriously? Why does the God’s honest truth always make me sound like such a total BITCH? Guess if the shoe fits?!?!

HA! It’s Jamaica Mon.  For one week next winter... I won’t be wearing any!