Thursday, December 20, 2012

Canada's Waiting 4U Darin... Seriously!

Darin Pierce Designs - Muskoka Divison
2013 Summer Staff Meeting

So tomorrow is the last workday before we break for Christmas. I've never been much of a Christmas elf but when it comes to my workplace team, there's always been a festive camaraderie. We have a dancing 5 foot snowman at the door, the office is nicely decorated, and though we never have a gift exchange, we always have an Open House to wish each other a Merry Christmas. It's great fun but this year, due to logistics, Darin can't make it.

Darin is an Architect. The firm he works for (in New Orleans Louisiana) was hired to do some design work for a build and a renovation happening on Lake Muskoka. Just like my boss, his boss delegates things; as a result, Darin and I got delegated to work together.

As fate would have it, within the last six or seven months, we've chatted almost daily and become acquainted (over a boat load of laughter and and a sprinkle of frustration). Due to some extenuating circumstances, the design process was arduous. So much so that one day he mentioned "after all this work I am never going to get to see this boathouse!" Instantly, I responded, "yes you are, because I am going to bring you to Muskoka, to see it for yourself, when it's complete!!" What he doesn't know is that I was dead serious.

He and his significant other will be our welcome guests. We'll share Orillia Lake with them, then take them to my friend David's place on Millionaire's Row in Beaumaris (so they can experience what a true Muskoka summer home is all about). Just for fun? We'll hop in a boat and cruise by the projects we've worked on so he can finally see them for himself. 

I would be remiss if I didn't touch on the picture of us that is attached. When it comes to a gift, the old saying has always been "it's the thought that counts." I racked my brain on what to do. I wanted to do something special for Darin; so as a result, I commissioned this illustration of us sitting on our dock, and I did it for a couple of reasons.

The first being that I wanted to wish him a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Secondly, I really wanted to formally extend our 2013 Canadian invitation.... and lastly, I felt the need to send him a very special three word sentence.

Thank You Darin!