Thursday, August 2, 2012

RHONDI's Best Surprise EVER!

When it comes to my "ordinary small town life", I am first to admit that it literally has a zero element of surprise.

I’m not kidding; my life has such a regimented routine, that if I were to pack my lunch bag blindfolded, I will still know exactly how I will dine at noon. For the record, I refuse to say my life is 'boring', I prefer the phrase 'extremely well structured'. That said, I think the evolution of my “same shit different day” routine progressed quite slowly.

I’m sure it all has something to do with my age. (Though my 'glass half full' attitude makes me think that the most successful people compartmentalize parts of their lives for sheer efficiency.) Some may label me anally retentive, whatever; Freud’s dead so why worry about his theories. Seriously, why?

Anyway, this morning I was headed for a pretty standard Thursday. I"ll admit I was a little more tired than normal but nothing a cup/pot of coffee wouldn't remedy. Because I had taken yesterday afternoon off, my phone was on “do not disturb” until I went for my lunch.


Photo Cred:
BG Photography ~ Georgian Bay
For quite some time now I have been working with an Architect from New Orleans, on a very upscale boathouse build on Lake Muskoka.  

After several conversations about his project, I decided to share my blog link. He read it, and we became electronic friends.

Today, after I finished my lack luster lunch, I returned to the showroom to find him standing there right in front of me. Not on my Blackberry screen, not in my email inbox, nor via a voicemail message awaiting a call back. He was here, in Bracebridge, to see me!

I looked at him and I was absolutely and unequivocally speechless. Seriously, those of you that know me, I mean really know me, know that is truly impossible. He witnessed my shock. I couldn't speak, I just wanted to grab him. I’ve never thought about hugging a voice before, but he was right in front of me... and let's face it, we all know I am a hugger.

WOW! Today I experienced my very first “...What the hell is happening here Batman” moment !!

I'll stop by saying this, it's not that I dislike surprises, I am just pleasantly surprised that this unique emotion could offer a simple gal like me such an amazing euphoria. Who knew?

Thank you my friend. You truly made my day.