Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today's Post is Brought To You By The Number Three!

They say everything comes in threes. Today, for the first time in forever, I enjoyed a really great 'set of threes'.

I produced the first quarter sales figures (amazing), I enjoyed an ice cream cone at work (sinful), and out of the blue, I had a really great conversation with a true friend (WOOT) !!

Like I said; great set of threes. The first two are self explanatory but the third honestly caught me by surprise.

Yesterday reminded me that the voice of a true friend has a comfortable rhythm. A specific tone, that is unconditional. It comes right from your heart, and once you find that level of comfort, I believe it stays with the friendship for a lifetime.

Mac and I started working together in 1994. We started with our new employer one week apart and became instant friends.

Our friendship led to “couples friends”, which led to the guys playing on the same ball team, not to mention dinner parties and lots of golf. Holy doodle that seems like a million years ago !!

Just like “Smartie” and “Twos”, my friendship with “Mac” got lost in the day to day shuffle called Life. Today has proven that everything is definitely aligning.

One: I'm giddy thinking that Brian is flying into YYZ in two weeks from Whitehorse. Two: Ecstatic that Tim's baby girl has his heart (we're going to Nashville to meet her)! Three? Jamie and I promised to find the time to golf together sooner than later.

Yup, my new favorite number is three. Except when it comes the proverbial three putt. Oh, and three strikes you're out!