Monday, April 25, 2016


A year ago last week, my husband and I scrambled to arranged for a plane ticket for our only daughter and brought her home. She'd moved 3,400 kms away from us the year previous and for the five months before her return, we'd been estranged. It was a trying time for all but the relationship that we knew was poisonous from the start was over and she headed east to start anew.

Focused on the positive, our entire family promised we wouldn't press discussion about what had transpired, nor dwell on the mean things said. The truth was, when we picked her up at the airport we immediately knew she had a long road ahead of her. She would need to heal; mentally, physically and most importantly emotionally.

Staccs heading out with her crew.
TAKEN: APRIL 23rd, 2016
Well, with all of that in the past, I am pleased to report that a year later she's doing well... It's unbelievable!

Just look at her. Physically and spiritually, everyday she morphing back to a person that can finally experience joy.

Gone's the boyfriend that use to abuse her. Back is my gal, embracing a life she knew she was always worthy of. She's happy. Has a job she enjoys and has reconnected with friends she'd been told to shun because of the relationship she'd been in. 

A few months ago she began dating again. It's nice to see gentleman callers coming around and I'm glad she immediately explains she's in no hurry. I suspect it has something to do with the trust issues she has developed. In time, I'm sure those scars will heal too.