Sunday, June 28, 2015


♫♪♫ Sittin' on the dock on the bay.... ♫♪♫
TAKEN: JUNE 27th, 2015
After finishing my chores yesterday, I hopped in the car, grabbed a bite to eat and headed to one of my favourite places to enjoy my spoils; the wharf downtown.

As I sat in the car and watch a skillful seagull seduce me for my last bite, I couldn’t help but enjoy my front row view to the very significant changes made across the bay.

With my belly full, I started my walkabout. Even though it was unseasonably cold, it didn’t matter because there was a buzz of people everywhere. A quick scan of the busy climate found a cheery disposition accompanying all. Matter a fact, no one I chatted up made mention of a glass half empty, just the upbeat disclosure that they are happy to be out and about without having to wear the earmuffs and mitts they needed last Wednesday morning!

I have to admit that I’m not sure if it’s the presence of my camera or my easy going sense of humour that makes people want to tell me their life stories. Though you all know I am very social (and I do like to generally try to please people) the type of person I never have time for chit chat with is someone that starts every third sentence with “I’m sorry but…”. 

Not because I don’t want to accept their never-ending apology, more that I see them as somewhat of a lost soul. Generally unpleasant and extremely insecure. I find their upfront need to apologize as their way of absolving themselves of any political incorrectness that is most certainly going to instantly follow. You see, I find that behaviour to be nothing but a habit and never genuine.

Not gonna lie. As I snapped my pic yesterday, a certain person (that I just described) immediately came to mind. Though our acquaintance has ended, I’ll always wish I would have asked her one last question. It simply would have been: “What would ultimately make your grass greener?”

My guess is that she's so miserable she wouldn’t know how to respond yet offer a list of people who’s lawn had died, a list twice a long of other peoples lawns she wanted kill off in the next 60 days, and would end her rant by announcing that she'd officially placed a hit on the idiot that had recently stole her lawn mower (which had been safely parked in her garage since last fall). The latter is ultimately why she could never be happy with the grass she currently had. Just sayin'.

Because you know me so well, I have to ask. Do you know what instantly makes my grass greener? A great day like yesterday and never EVER having to hear a certain someone utter the words “I’m sorry but…” again.

See, told ya. It really is the little things in life!