Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Does A Good Cottage Scrub Interest You?

My first 'laundry' memory was in the basement of our house in Quebec. I recall being in my rubber boots, riding my tricycle about the wet concrete floor, as my mother put the clothes through an old wringer washing machine. I distinctly remember her cautioning me to stand back and keep my mitts away from the slow moving wringers.

...Very LOUDLY I might add!

When my Dad was alive, he had his parent’s old wringer washer at Camp. He’d just uncover that puppy and let the water slosh around the cement mixed slab he’d built specifically for such chores. Over the years I'd considered getting one for Orillia Lake. Truthfully, never really progressing much past a nostalgic thought.

Once I moved and settled into the cottage this year, I'd decided the laundry mat was a much quicker way of getting the neverending deed accomplished. (About an hour and a half of time and ten bucks got the chore done.) Then, my second week out here, I spied my very old glass washboard that'd been staring me in the face for over a decade. Figured it worked for gals like Laura Ingalls Wilder... So, I instantly decided to give it a good ole Little House try.

The first week I tackled the chore it didn't go well. By the time I'd finished wringing everything out by hand (working from the deck) my back and all of my muscles were killing me. As a result, each week since, I've refined my process and I'm pleased to report that I've developed a pretty neat system. Even jimmy rigged a way to quickly get rid of excess water. What can I say? I am totally jazzed with my new found Kung-Fu grip and developing biceps.

Simple, yet effective...
Take that Fabricare & Hydro One!
Taken: August 10th, 2014
That said, six weeks into this adventure, my washboard hands are truly a little worse for the wear.

I've grazed my knuckles until they've bled. Those wounds, combined with the splash of bleach I use, most certainly let me know I need to slow down and pay close attention to what the hell I'm doing. 

What's my biggest surprise?

How much cleaner the clothes my are!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going on the record saying that I love to do laundry or anything daft like that. It’s just if I’m going to work up a good sweat and have my entire body ache, I want to know I have getting the results I deserve.

Another strange and interesting first for me... Go figure!