Thursday, January 30, 2014

We ARE Building A Mystery…

I was walking home from the office this afternoon and Sarah McLachlin started blaring through my headphones. My initial reaction was that I hadn’t heard the specific song in forever. My second instinct was how appropriate the lyric as she sang ♪♫♪ yeah you're working…building a mystery… and choosing sooo carefully...♫♪♫

GREAT album all around BTW!
Today was the first day in ten that I'd ventured into my new work home. My desk was waiting for me as I had left it and I was greeted as though I’d just stepped out for a cup of coffee fifteen minutes earlier. 

Who knew that what started as a chance meeting in the summer of 2012 would evolved into an amazing business venture.

I guess this is where I finally go on the record admitting that having a distinct vision isn't easy; let's face it, executing any vision, is 1000x`s harder than simply having one.

Not gonna lie. This has been a journey and it's because we`re building a mystery.


...I'll keep ya posted!