Tuesday, January 28, 2014

There’s No Place Like Home...

What a day. I am pleased to report that I was sitting at my desk before 7 am this morning and I headed upstairs to start dinner just before 6 pm. Even using the hard-wired Rhondi zone as a guage, today was one for the record books. That said, it was nothing more than a big fat plethora of fat hairy goo.

Anxious and stressed because I'm out of my comfort zone, I found myself doing things I use to hire others to do, which resulted in an above average level of frustration. I'm tired, my neck hurts, my eyes are strained and I am pretty much mentally exhausted.

Sitting here now? It doesn't matter: I am absolutely and unequivocally happier than a pig in shit! Why? Because I feel a true sense that I am paving a solid path to something amazing. I am part of an evolution and I am contributing into something bigger and better than any other project I've worked on to date.

I know people are going to roll their eyes. Truthfully, I think that’s what excites me most. That underestimation will keep the naysayers busy and success will be ours for the taking. Vision and Leadership are the true Siamese twins of any great venture. Tie those two together for the journey and you've got it made. If you have those two, the third (being success) follows right there alongside you.

All day long I read how people hate their jobs. They look for outlets to cope but at the end of the day they are tied to their jobs because it pays the bills. I'm a lucky gal. I am lucky that I love what I do and that a decade later I still have my Quirky Sidekick fuelling that inner drive we promised each other we'd never lose. Too bad he'll never move back home. He and his wife and two children would love it here.

I'll always envy Dorothy...
At least she had time to shave her legs.
Like Dorthy said "...There's no place like home."

I can totally relate to Dorothy.

Not in the fact that we can both rock a great pair of out of fashion shoes but in the fact that she always knew what she wanted, she always surrounded herself with all the right people, and she never gave up.

On that note, I have to bolt. I have a bubble bath calling my name and a much needed neck massage that I'm terribly late for.

Say nite Toto... "RRRUFF!"

Good Dog!