Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Getting Me A Happy Light

Let me start by sharing a cartoon. Though it initially made me burst into laughter - it quickly put my inner angst into perspective.

For years I have talked about getting a "happy light" and today I decided to try one on for size. Matter a fact my good friend Linda just graciously delivered me hers until I can get my own. I'm serious when I admit that the time change this coming Sunday morning truly has me concerned.

I know that I am not alone when I admit that the next six weeks are the hardest for me personally. I need the light and let's face it - there is none. So, once the clocks fall back I will seek out natural light at every turn. I'll eat my lunch in front of a window and I will spend as much of my free time outside as possible. I realize that I'm exhausted but also know my overall disposition is outta whack. I am hoping a good burst of daily artificial light helps.

Keeping that in mind, I wonder if it was lack of daylight that made me tell a certain someone (that's been jerking my chain for couple of years) to get lost last week. NOPE. I guess had I of waited until my happy light kicked in my request may have differed.

My glass half fully philosophy hopes I'd of conjured up an empathic... "please get lost"... but I guess we'll never know.

PS: To answer your more pressing question this evening.... I DO NOT own a gun. :)