Sunday, August 11, 2013

Good Will Hunting

So, we got Staci moved into her new place today. We came in from the cottage bright and early and with her bed strapped to the roof of the Explorer, we were off and running. I am pleased to report that it went like clockwork. Almost like we'd done it before?!

To help her out, I loaned her a flat screen TV I bought myself a couple of years ago. No big, but as we were staging her room, we realized she didn't have a small table or desk to place it on. Without hesitation I asked my man the obvious question, "wanna go Goodwill hunting?" Asking Tony to go to the Goodwill is like asking him if he wants to watch the Jays from behind home plate; makes him downright warm and fuzzy inside.

I discovered the Goodwill when the twins were babies. My sister in laws sister use to ship me baby clothes her boys had outgrown from Windsor via the bus. I remember Nancy asking me if I needed them. If I hadn't, her sister would have given everything to the Goodwill. I truly remember asking "what's a Goodwill?"

What can I say, with two mortgages and three in diapers, the Goodwill became a much needed and useful resource. I had always shopped at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, but discovering Goodwill was like heading to the big city for a really great shopping spree. Any brand label was always there for the taking, you just had to really take your time to inspect everything. To this day, a couple of times a year we make a day trip of it.

Nothing says Goodwill like the smell. I hate the smell but love the bargains! We found her a gem of a table right away (six bucks) and continued hunting. My mind's been pretty preoccupied as of late, but we still managed to have quite a few laughs.

What a find. Hook me up with Antiques Roadshow!
Taken: August 11, 2013
What can I say, there's nothing like a painted aluminum BEWARE OF HORNY DOG sign to make one bust a gut laughing.

If I hadn't of taken the picture, you probably wouldn't have believed me it existed. There she be. Bright yellow, in perfect condition, only 50 cents and available only at the Goodwill!

Even as I type, Tony is chirpin' me, "I don't care what you think. I still say we shoulda bought it!" Appears he felt it would be a great addition for the cottage.

Seriously? All these years in, if we bought everything at the Goodwill that Tony thought was a deal, I guarantee we'd qualify for a hoarding intervention.

Why? Because my husband likes to collect total crap that is cheap. That's why!