Monday, May 27, 2013

Trust Is Earned

Boy, this past weekend blew by. I worked on Saturday morning; then my husband and I did our house chores that afternoon. I spent all day Sunday outside. My man was kind enough to do the groceries so that I didn’t have to leave the yard.

I love a day when I feel like I get a lot accomplished. You know those types of days, where the only thing you do is wash your face, brush your teeth, and dig out the ugliest clothes you can find. I blissfully embrace any day that I don’t have to get all gussied up. If I had things my way, everyday would be dress down day!

Out on the lake Easter Weekend
Taken: March 30st, 2013
All of that said, my post isn’t on the topic of vanity. My mood is more spiritual.

What makes some people extremely compatible? 

Why is it after all these years he and I have stood the test of time? 

Is it that there's just so much history it's comfortable? I believe it's much bigger than that.

It's been a rough couple of years. Have we had our ups and downs in the non-conjugal sense? Absolutely! Have we sat across from one and other (in tears) worried that we’d never fix what together we’d broken? Yes we have. Has it been worth all of our hard work to arrive at today?  Hell ya!!

When did I know we'd never be apart? It was this past January 22nd. An unexpected incident rocked me to my very core. I was so upset I was almost crippled. I missed work and I completely shut down. It shattered me emotionally.

During that time, like he had before, he carried me. He wrapped his arms around me and wiped away my tears. My heartbreak instantly became ours, and we got through it together.

Why am I so reflective tonight?

The January incident landed on the front burner at work again today. This time I was ready for it. Proving once again that the only person in my life I truly trust is my husband. What can I say? Trust is earned. 

Oh, and let's not forget the other thing today reminded me never to forget...