Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Meant To Be...

I wandered up the cottage stairs at dawn this morn in a great mood. Turns out I had experienced one of the best weekends at the cottage ever. The weather was magnifique (not to mention the company) and for the first time in years, it feels like I'm starting this crazy six month season well rested. Well rested and surrounded by some amazing energy.

As a result driven individual, I know first hand that I can be my own worst enemy. It’s not that I want to dwell on the fact that the sky is falling – I just can’t help but focus on when the hell it will. I push harder, only to find I worry more. Some may label me neurotic: I prefer quirky (with a splash of charm folded in for good measure).

I knew something in my life had to shift and it did. A random phone call to remind a colleague that “coffee's for closers” and that they needed to "buy me a cup, pot, Tim Horton's franchise" completely changed my outlook and long term focus.

"You're awesome"...
"No! You're awesome!!"
I know it's human nature for you to read this and wonder who the hell I am talking about but it makes no matter. They know who they are, and they know I think they are absolutely awesome.

Just like me, they have the odd day where they think they may want to run for the hills and the closest lawn tractor, but I'm here to remind them that it's not an option!

From that very first cup of coffee, I knew we'd met for a reason. Moving forward, they need to make sure they never lose sight of a couple of things (Cole's Note version & in no particular order):

A) We are going to kick some very serious ass.

B) We will always promise to use our energy for good and never evil....and

C) We are going to remain humble as we tell everyone "I told you so".

Hang in there my friend. Tomorrow is another day. Why? Because we freakin' rock!

...Not to mention that we're totally awesome!!