Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I’ll Never Give Up!

Strategy or stupidity? Talk amongst yourselves...
When I woke this morning I cranked the tunes, jumped in the shower, and knew I was going to have a really great day.

Seriously... I felt so gosh darn good that I decided no matter how many lemons were thrown firmly at my head, I was going to make lemonade.

As a direct result? I arrived early for work, I ran a series of solid morning meetings, and I sat perched at my desk wearing a great big smile and uber-positive outlook the entire day. Also pleased to report that I made a couple of large pitchers of PINK lemonade (just to prove that I could take my self imposed challenge to the next level)!

OK. For those of you not in the loop, I am an extremely driven, not to mention goal oriented person. On any given day, my feet work as hard as my mind, and twice as fast. I really do love a challenge. Lord knows I've had my fair share (of every single type imaginable) in the last eighteen months.

For most of those challenges, I was smart enough to put on a helmet. For others, my helmet surfaced about half way through the situation at hand. Regretfully, a couple went all "MMA at the ACC" and for those memorable few, we are all left with some broken bones. My glass half full is pleased to report that after all this time some of those injuries only ache when it rains (others may always offer a twang of pain but only time will tell).

With a great day under my belt, I am living proof that life will always offer constant challenges. All I can say is thank goodness I can totally rock a red helmet; but for my own protection, I am thinking I should just start wearing that puppy 24-7!