Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Beautiful Three Part Harmony

For a number of reasons, today was one of those reflective days when I asked myself where has the time gone? I gave birth to Anthony James in 1990; Staci Elizabeth and David Earl arrived two minutes apart, two years later. Thank goodness I am one of the fortunate few that has an amazing life partner, and we've happily raised our children together.

Saying 'arriving at today was a lot of hard work' would be an understatement. Their Poppa lived three doors down and was a saving grace. The added bonus was my best friend (their Auntie Andrea) lived next door, and treated them as if they were her own. They say "it takes a village to raise a child" and with the help of our village (two decades later) our children have harmoniously grown into something more than siblings. They have become life long friends.

Staccs,  Goob & Jukebox (aka: JdotP)
Waiting in the rain at the Canada's Wonderland Gate
Taken: July 2009
Their relationship wasn't always a perfect Broadway musical. Like any siblings, they had their own set of challenges.

Growing up, Staci always seemed cast as the icky squeaky wheel. First and foremost it was because David idolized his older brother Jamie.

I remember the three of them sitting at their plastic picnic table (ages 6 & 4) and halfway through lunch, David felt the need to share. “I love you Jamie” he said... “I love you too” was Jamie’s immediate response. Without a flinch of hesitation, Staci grabbed both their plates and threw their sandwiches onto the lawn to the dog.  Like any human dynamic, when it came to this trio, three was more often than not a crowd.

As they grew older, their interests changed. They began to favour a two on one offense. (At times, a two on two,because if her brothers made her cry; Staci always had the luxury of her father stepping in to help.) Through all those years, no matter how bad the fighting got, a truce was always called as we enjoyed the ritual of our "Sunday Supper".

As part time jobs were introduced, all three were expected to be home no later than 4pm every Sunday. From at least 2002, Sunday evenings were OUR time. We would laugh and vent, as well as talked openly about pressures and drama we had going on. To this day, I still miss setting the table and having the dining room occupied every Sunday night.

With Sunday dinners a thing of the past, it amazes me how they've learned to appreciate and love one and other for who they are individually. They have become so closely woven that they have found their own balance. It warms my heart to know they unconditionally compliment and effortlessly support each other no matter what...

In my opinion, they have become, the perfect three part harmony.