Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Ubiquitous Rhondi Who? What the Hell is A Rhondi?

I think we are all in agreement that people come in and out of our lives every single day. The God’s honest truth? I meet so many people in a day, that some days it’s hard to grasp the volume. Yes-sir-ree-Bob-a Roonie, I AM the Wal-Mart greeter. Problem is I'm not 75yrs old. Trickier move is that I don’t work at Wal-Mart.

Why this particular mindset you ask? 

I had a builder call me today. He called to tell me his clients literally “raved" about me. He continued to say that no matter what, "he was to work very closely with me, because I knew exactly what they (his customers) wanted.” Without a word of a lie, I am embarrassed to admit, I've no recollection of ever meeting these people. Better yet, these folks called asking me to dine with them and I have no clue what they even look like. (You`ll be pleased to know I declined the dinner invitation.)

Let me side step a little and head back to Orillia Lake. I'm told it's "cute" but in the scheme of Muskoka grandeur, realistically it is glorified camping. For the last decade, people have said to me “Rhondi, I have no idea where your cottage is…” and there is a truly reason for that. Because of what I do for a living, very few have ever been invited to enjoy this little haven. It’s not because I don’t want to entertain, I do. It's just that it has slowly become a place to decompress and replenish from day to day life. In a nutshell, my life consist of so many people, all of the time, that reading a book alone has become my very best friend. 

All of that gibberish said, a day like today makes me take a step back and wonder. When it comes to people, how the heck do I decide who I let into the party, and who gets left at the door? I want to let everyone in but we all know that's impossible.

Suffice is to say that 90% of the peeps get left at the door. Good news is, for all of those that are left, I play music. I'll quote Smartie and unconditionally  “CRANK THE CLASH BABY” Seriously, Brian always knows best, you can never ever go wrong with The Clash!