Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I’ve Missed You Doctor Johnny Fever!

I had a great day at work today. Not because I usually have a bad day but because today was an exceptionally good one.

Did start questionably, for the first time in forever I was running late, turns out it made no matter. Once at work, my morning flew by.  As my day progressed, I was pleasantly surprised when young Darren stopped in to say hello as well as my friend and colleague John.

It’s always nice to see both fellas, but today it was especially pleasant to see John. We greeted each other with mutual grandeur, I teased him with sarcasm (as I always do), and he complimented me on how I look. Actually, he told me... "you look great!" 

After I ran back to my lunch bag and fetched the ten bucks I generally pay out for compliments, I thanked him and quickly disclosed that “I haven’t looked nor felt this good about myself in ten years.” 

No questions asked, for the last decade, John has always been extremely supportive of me. He is an amazing leader, great with people, and I sense he loves life in general. I do tend to tease him about the market but I have an unconditional respect for his knowledge and business savvy. He`s a great guy.

As expected, we briefly chatted about the past, a mutual acquaintance, and my letting go. I don’t care who you are; how one deals with something (that I will label) personally traumatic, only happens when your heart heals, and your soul is ready. 

This summer has proven, that with my focus on inner balance & personal happiness solidified, certain things are best left in the past. As I said to the kind Doctor, “it was time.” After he left, I couldn't help but look inward. For a journey that literally began about two years ago, I have truly come a very long way. 

In a nutshell, here's how I see it. I can keep my heart closed in a darkened room, or I can open my heart and let light in and brighten my room. It is a matter of choice. My mind is my room.  Do I darken it, or do I fill it with light? I say bring on the light baby, I’m all about the UV Rays, the Vitamin D, and the tunes!

Thank you again Johnny Fever, it was great to see you.