Monday, June 18, 2012

Wash Rinse Repeat. Wash Rinse Repeat. Wash Rinse Repeat.

Crazy as it sounds, some weeks I feel like every day is Groundhog Day. You know, wash, rinse, repeat? I work every weekend. Though I am not expected to work every Saturday, I usually do. 

It's a tough reality to admit that my life peaks at boring. Heck, a trip to the Chiropractic office is like a day at the circus for me!  (Downside?... My Chiropractor doesn’t work on Saturday. Ba-dumm-bump!!)

I'm only questioning the whole 'Groundhog Day' scenario because last Saturday was the same but different for me, and I think there may be hope.

Up at my regular time, I decided to “make hay” while the caffeine in my system was doing its thing. Completed my chores and carefully watched the clock so that I could shower and head into work. As I crossed the items off my "list of things to do" I could feel myself decompressing.

As my morning list shortened, my afternoon list grew. Dogs needed new matching collars (pet store), golf balls were on sale (Canadian Tire), my toe nails needed painting (and most importantly) the sun needed worshiping. Hence, I skipped going to the office.

Sunday was a perfect day as well. Had my one cup of coffee on the front deck, mowed the lawn before ten and spent the day outside. After a nice supper, I fell asleep watching the final round of the US Open.

Knowing my "work list of things to do" was longer than a one armed paper hanger, I showed up for work this morning at 7am. First words uttered were not "how was your weekend" but “I expected to see you Saturday”. 

Glass half full? This afternoon I got an email from my Chiropractor's office. Seems he’s working Saturday’s starting next weekend.

Guess what? I've had a Bill Murray breakthrough. I won't be working next Saturday either!