Thursday, April 5, 2018


Well, it’s that time of year again when I jump on a plane and tackle something on my bucket list for my birthday; and for the very first time since I began this indulgence, I was torn about how I wanted to celebrate.

My last birthday was perfect. It was spent in a great hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans with the perfect tour guide, my good buddy Darin. It was amazing but crazy expensive. Totally my fault, because I had waited until the last minute to decide it’s what I wanted to do. So, just before this Christmas past I booked the same hotel I had stayed at last year and marked my calendar for an even longer 2018 birthday stay.

As the date grew closer, I began to worry that returning to the French Quarter Festival so soon would be disappointing because my last visit had ticked every single ‘amazing experience’ box imaginable. Then, when I returned from Bahamas in February, something equally amazing as my passion for everything music surfaced on my radar: the Toronto Raptors.

They had so much momentum going in their favour at the time that I started my research. Where would they be playing my birthday week? As soon as Google fed me my info, I knew I had to make a choice. I costed taking in their last season game & then flying to New Orleans for the weekend but I only had so many Ben Franklins left in my jar. So a decision had to be made. 

Peeps, check out my kickass tickets and where I'm jetting off to...!

Two Toronto Raptor games, a killer oceanfront suite at the Grand Beach Hotel,
& evening dining in South Beach, Miami. Giddy UP!

Seeing the Toronto Raptors play at home on Sunday, hopping a plane the next morning to land in my oceanfront suite on South Beach on Monday. Relax and watch my team officially win the Eastern Conference Championship on Wednesday then head back to Canada with a suntan and a smile. How cool is that?

Not gonna lie… Bucket list excess once a year is absolutely exhilarating!!

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