Tuesday, March 8, 2016


This past Monday morning, the local radio station asked for people to call or post with what their personal telltale sign is that Spring is on it's way. A segment later, the morning guy announced that one fella posted he knows it's Spring because the roads are wet. Then, he immediately followed with a report of a lady posting that she knows it's Spring because her cat gets hyper.

As I prepared to turn on my hair dryer, I stopped in my tracks and burst out laughing. My quick change in demeanor got the attention of my three pups (that were occupying the powder room with me). I looked at them and joked..."Hey, you're looking at a woman with needs here. My cat gets hyper every Spring too!"

How do I get Dottie to pose?
Chicken wieners work every time!
TAKEN: MARCH 5th, 2016
For what it's worth, the dogs didn't think it quite as funny as yours truly and they couldn't figure out why the hell I was laughing hysterically so early in the morn.

Truth is, it was a stellar Monday morning moment after a truly amazing weekend. The weather kept me outside and it was mild enough to have a backyard bonfire late Saturday afternoon.

I love a great bonfire and so do my pups. With Dot aging quickly, I find myself picking certain activities that she enjoys just in case she gets called up to serve as a lifetime memory sooner than later. As you know, all dogs go to heaven, so I know she'll have no shortage to keep her herding instincts keen... Truthfully, it's us I'm really worried about.

As our Saturday afternoon festivities progressed, I posted to Twitter and sent a photo to my favourite electronic friend. It showed her bundled up in her blanket, on her very own Muskoka chair, to keep her  hips off the cold ground and basking our attention. Just look at that face, how could you not want to go out of your way and spoil that girl? Exactly!

As you can tell, more than usual, I will be capturing and hording memories...

After all, that's what we do with those we cherish and unconditionally love... Isn't it?