Monday, November 16, 2015


Since starting my work commute with the Sweeney Meister a few months ago, we quickly discovered that we'd both be away on vaycay this month. You may find it odd that I have only been at my new job a minute and a half and I'm packing up to go away for a week; but the truth of the matter is, before I was formally hired in July, I was open about the fact that I needed to travel in November and again after the snow arrives but most definitely before it leaves. Luckily for me, they still offered me a job. 

Well, all these months later, this afternoon I officially wished my carpool buddy a bon voyage. I blew her a kiss from the passenger door and asked her to send word of her travels via Facebook. I am truly excited for her. Though she's never traveled this time of year before (as someone that commutes daily in our Hollywood North winters) I've promised her that she would never NOT want to travel this time of year again. 

Luxury Don Pablo Collection ~ La Romana, DR
TAKEN: NOVEMBER 16th, 2014
The funny thing about that last bit is that when I arrived home from work tonight, I discovered that it was exactly a year ago today that I landed in the sun for my very first November vacation. I truly remember how that trip changed my outlook with regards to my winter life.

I find it interesting how others react when I speak openly about Seasonal Affective Disorder. Some want to challenge me on its validity and look for statistical proof that my happy lights work, others want to discuss how they are personally impacted this time of year. When it comes to yours truly, no matter what the dialogue path, I am open and honest. 

Here's the deal: 
For years I struggled to understand what was happening to me as a person. I had hated the festive season and from the time the clocks fell back until they officially sprang forward, I was not a nice person to be around. I knew by my symptoms I wasn't depressed per say, just always lethargic with a real desire to literally hibernate. The dead nuts honest truth is there were weekends in the winter 15 years ago that I never really got out of my PJ's and tended to entertained the kids with movies/TV in bed. It's like I had to save all of my energy to make the Monday to Friday winter facade exist as if it were July. Suffice is to say that is no longer the case. 

Looking back at my pic from a year ago today, I am pleased to admit that I am happy with how solid my mind set is. Where this time last year I craved a vacation, this year I am feeling blessed and truly looking forward to be able to relax and enjoy one. Life is amazing, the several pairs of cement shoes that were weighing me down have been disposed of, and I am in the best physical condition that I have been in since 2012.

Now, if I could figure out why (as a 29 year old I have so much gray hair) I'd be elated!