Monday, October 5, 2015


My man & me enjoying my 29th Birthday trip.
As you know, I celebrated my 29th Birthday with a neat jaunt to Samana last April. I never bothered posting an album of the photos I took, because for varying reasons, it wasn’t a very memorable trip for me. Truth of the matter is that I only have myself to blame.

I did the leg work and I picked the destination. At the end of the day, I’m still disappointed that my overall experience was in line with a hot bag of poo landing on my front door step. That said, I know now that my opinion is thanks to outside stresses & my mindset at the time; NOT the destination.

With that personal diabolical misstep behind me, I am pleased to report that my husband was set to celebrate his 29th birthday last July, which presented me with a solid chance at travel redemption. We talked of doing something special but we had also agreed (before my birthday trip) to pull away all of my services from my largest client and start anew. The sad part of the story's that we mutually decided to drop that axe on that client less than 3 weeks before his milestone birthday.

Here’s where my story gets neat. Though I released my client services on a Monday afternoon, by that Thursday morning an amazing opportunity had presented itself. Once dialogue and team interviews were held, I was made a formal offer for my new position on a truly unforgettable day: my husband’s 29th birthday!!

As we cuddled in bed last Sunday morning, I grabbed my tablet and we started to run through places he’d had me previously earmark. Our deal was I’d supply the budget but he was to decide exactly where he wanted to celebrate his belated birthday.

About a half hour into our search, he asked me to go off grid and look at a spot he’s wanted to go the last couple of years. When I did, he discovered that his destination was coming in above our budget. He was disappointed. After confirming this was where he really wanted to go, I announced that I had saved more money than we’d originally discussed, so we went down to my home office and booked his trip together.

What's the first thing he did once we received our travel confirmation? He grabbed his smartphone and checked the weather there. Ya gotta laugh about it because I know he'll continue to do so (multiple times daily) until he has to turn the stinkin' thing off as the plane backs onto the tarmac next month!

Happy Belated 29th Birthday Baby... Cabo San Lucas, here we come!!