Monday, July 28, 2014

The 400th Time's A Charm

My newest business associate was telling me last week that he'd finally gotten around to reading some of my Blog. As expected, there were questions: as always, I was honest. What started out as a simple coping mechanism has taken on a life of it's own.

Here's to the Muskoka summer that was never meant to be.
TAKEN: JULY 27th, 2014
Truth of the matter is that tonight is my 400th offering. 

Yes-sir-ree, I  have written about & processed four hundred different life events, stories, not to mention varying emotions. 

The part that really tugs at my heart strings is that this is only my 347th actual post. The others sit in limbo for only my eyes and heart to ever see and feel. I'm not even remotely embarrassed to admit that because every single one's contributed to how I've arrived at today. Few know how truly cryptic they are and I suspect no one else cares. Makes no matter, all are an extension of me, kind of like children.

Early on, my cousin Nancy asked "Why is your husband never really mentioned in your Blog?" 

My response was immediate. "Because it isn't his Blog!"

Why does he appear today? Well, yesterday was an exceptionally memorable day. Mid way through the afternoon we were having so much fun I picked up the camera. Because I totally suck at taking selfies it took us a number of tries. We had a blast taking them and for the very first time in four hundred attempts I am going to share a blooper reel.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for staying in touch. For whatever reason, I enjoy this somewhat unconventional process of keeping an electronic journal. I am pleased to report that not only did I survive last winter - but that I am witnessing, first hand, the Muskoka summer that was never meant to be. 

Oh, that is except for... yesterday. From about two until five o'clock to be exact!