Thursday, July 3, 2014

Can't Stop Change... Only Manage It!

When I moved out to the cottage I knew there would be a series of adjustments all around. Not only for me; but for my husband, my kids, and even the dogs. I knew I’d be fine, because let’s face it, living here was my idea, and I had carefully planned every single detail.

The extensive planning wasn’t because I thought I would struggle working from here, but because it’s fifty five steps down from the driveway to the front deck. Any crap I brought in, would eventually have to be carried out. I’m not proud to admit that it took three days to get everything I needed down the hill. But I AM pleased to report, that other than my struggles with the internet, I’m doin’ fine.

The dogs? Not quite as lucky as yours truly.

TAKEN: JULY 3rd, 2014

I’d spotted Big Red (our resident red squirrel) shortly after we arrived. With it being cooler today, things have accelerated into an almost critical situation. Just like in the past,  that bastard is playing my girl like a fiddle!

It’s hard watching first-hand what my pup refuses to see, which is that Big Red is nothing but an egotistical tease that's simply baiting her. I have to give him props. He’s good. Why? Because I think my pup is na├»ve enough to believe they can be friends. When it clearly not an option.

It’s been less than a week since our arrival and it’s evident that she’s already exhausted; but only she can decide when enough is enough. All I can do is my very best to keep her otherwise distracted and content.

Take that Big Red. I'm onto ya. This is one game of dog and squirrel you’re gonna lose!