Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another Memorable Canada Day

My mind is restless this morning. I’m not sure why. It just is. I’m sitting at my desk, sipping my second cup of coffee, wondering where hell the time has gone. I’m reflecting; and for some reason my mind is racing.

It’s downright miserable out there and I am trying to remember the last time it poured rain and thunder rolled on Canada Day. We bought the cottage in 1999 and I never remember my favourite day of the year getting postponed.

My boys having a beer.
Taken: June 30th, 2014
Not that it matters. My boys were out for dinner last night which I absolutely loved. I love to watch them, I love to listen to them. Most of all? I love to feed them. 

It’s not that they aren't all perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. I just love that once in a while they allow me the privilege. It really is the little things in life that makes great memories. I truly believe that.

Take this morning as an example. I am sitting at my computer, listening to the rain that is drowning out the radio that sits atop the fireplace. The dogs are each sleeping in a chair on either side of me and I am writing. I am making a memory.

For the very first time I am posting to my electronic journal at the cottage and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. I feel a tad conflicted really. All those years I refused my children the internet out here and once they’re all gone I've folded like a lawn chair and hooked myself up. It’s so that I can work out here but that’s beside the point.

I’m excited what this summer will bring. I've already decided to embrace my 5am wake up call and start working then, rather than fight nature. Not only will the bandwidth be streaming in my favour, I know from living here a couple of years ago that mornings here are amazing. What a difference fifteen silly miles can make.

Happy Canada Day everyone. May the fireworks you experience tonight stay in your vault of great memories forever. I know first hand that will be the case for me!

Have a good one. Be happy. Hug the ones you love and stay safe ~ Rhondi

Taken: June 28th, 2014