Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our Buried Bandstand To The Rescue!

It’s not very often that we end up in the heart of Downtown on a Saturday but for whatever reason yesterday we did. I always feed an expired parking meter so there was no change there but finding that little sucker was like seeking out what’s his name in a Where’s Waldo cartoon.

As we began to walk, right on queue my husband began bitching about the height of the snowbanks. Normally I would have rebutted with some sort of quick witted retort, yet all I could say yesterday was “I honestly don’t think they can keep up”. Then all hell froze over as he quickly conceded “you’re probably right”.

Thank you high snowbanks. Crisis averted!
Taken: February 1st, 2014
Once home we began discussing our amazing day on the Town. Running into a former colleague had me telling my husband about the how my feelings had been hurt unexpectedly last week by someone I use to do business with. Once clarified that we were once again talking about the person he suspected he began to rant; "no matter what you say, this person was never EVER your friend!"

Listening to him like a broken record, I choose to play the exact card he had offered me that very afternoon in front of our Bandstand.

“You’re probably right” was all I said.

Soooo...A great big thank you goes out to our Town. Had those snow banks not been so high this afternoon, I would not have taken my husbands lead to fold like a lawn chair in the kitchen preparing dinner. Without those high snowbanks outside our Bandstand? I am pretty sure my husband would have slept on the couch last night.

Ya Gotta Laugh About It...!