Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spending Saturday At The Beach

Since the 2013 opening of Orillia Lake, this will be with first weekend we don't trek in for at least one night. Even the weekend we moved Staci, we stayed over, then ventured into town to load up her crap!

Dottie n' Me, and Bessie made three!
Taken: August 2013
Not sleeping there this weekend, is really kind of a big deal for us. Let's face it, all my 'weather bitching' aside, we truly did have an amazing summer. 

I'm pleased to report, that our $300 'boat for the pups' acquisition (we named Bessie) has more than paid for itself. 

YUP, for every minute of enjoyment my canine kids received, my suntan visibly improved ten-fold. I literally soaked up every single drop of weekend sunshine that Mother Nature had to offer!

So what beach would I ditch this sure thing for?
None of the above... This Saturday, I am going golfing!!

It's official; for the summer of 2013, I traded my golf clubs in for the good ole cottage.

It's not that the sport has faded as a passion of mine, I just spent this past summer trying to find a common balance. The handful of times I did see play, I didn't suck... but I also was never in the company of a competitive foursome. Guess I am the first to admit that my desire to golf well (exactly when I need to) is something I have yet to refine as a solid skill!

So, Saturday should be interesting; because I am expected to 'bring it'. All I'll say, is that when my clubs are working, there isn't a sand bunker my ball doesn't land in the friggin' dead centre of. Not working, I best bring a stinking lawn chair. Hence, why I know for certain I will be spending Saturday... AT THE BEACH!!

Sunday? Pffft... Groceries, laundry, and ten other mundane things, which are slated to be named later!