Friday, September 13, 2013

See Ya Later Summer!

I don't know about you, but I had such great plans for the summer of 2013. I can't believe it's over. How do I know it's finished? I got home from work tonight, and lit a fire in the downstairs fireplace. That right there tells me the writing is on the wall.

Matter a fact, I was chatting with a friend this morning on that very subject. I told him that I was officially exhausted, yet felt totally ripped off. I admitted that I had completely worked the summer away with little to no fun. I honestly feel we've just experienced the worst summer weather in 20 years!

Anyway, he empathized with my plight, admitting that even though he’d specifically made time for his young children, he had essentially done the same. What was the one thing we both agreed upon? That summer officially disappeared, before it ever really ever appeared.

Puddin' hogs my floatie chair... As well as my bed!
Taken: July 2013
The sad Summer of 2013 truth is (that more often than not) I'd ask my husband to dock the boat, because the cool weather air on the lake just wasn't enjoyable.

Best 2013 summer day? An amazing vacation day we took in July.

It was so hot that you’d perspire just walking around outside.  It was the only occasion all summer that we got to enjoy both our time... and the very refreshing lake. 

I honestly can't believe it's Fall Fair weekend already. Seems like it was only a minute and a half ago I was excited the snow had melted off the roof, and we would be able to put the water line in to enjoy the season.

Guess my sadness tonight is worrying about how many more sleeps I get to have before the water line has to be taken out, and winter sets in.

I have to wonder. With frost warning issued for tonight, does all the cool air mean Mother Nature's having hot flashes? Given my own predicament, that thought right there, will single handedly keep me from calling her a FAT HAIRY BITCH!